Expand Your Horizons with Baserun Python SDK 0.9.8 – Now Compatible with Open Source and BYO Models!

Jan 23, 2024

  • Monitoring: The Baserun Python SDK now supports automatically logging both Open Source and BYO models, requiring no additional code changes. Install, authenticate, and you're good to go.

  • Playground: Introducing a Brand New Chat Mode - Elevate your productivity with added thread tabs, hotkeys, and a rerun feature. Triple your iteration speed for more efficient workflows.

  • Prompt Wizard: Enhanced Prompt Improvement Suggestions - Now in Beta, this feature automatically evaluates and suggests improvements to your prompts. We've expanded to include chat template support and are seeking additional users for testing.

  • Comparing Feature: Bug Fixes and User Experience Improvement

  • Fine-Tune: Baserun now offers fine-tuning open-source models in collaboration with OpenPipe and AI Hero. Users can export their trace data as training data in JSON format. This format is compatible with OpenAI, OpenPipe, and PromptHero for fine-tuning purposes. Additionally, users can monitor and test their fine-tuned models using our comprehensive monitoring and playground features.

  • Eval & Guardrail: Advanced LLM Input Checks - Baserun now offers the ability to preemptively check LLM inputs for adversarial content to mitigate PII leakage or security risks before a completion is made.